Join us in Chicago for an entire week of mobile education with innovators from Fortune 500's including Western Union, Walgreens, Best Buy, BCBS of Illinois, Discover, PepsiCo, as well as researchers from comScore, BabyCenter, and University of Michigan.
See a Closing Keynote and a Live Mobile-Inspired Performance Poetry, plus Network and Learn in the ExperienceHall Reception
Brands+Startups™ 2014 Mobile Marketing Challenge
Brands+Startups 2014 will bring Brands to coach Startups through a competition where Finalists win contracts and money
Rick Ton at Walgreens Talks about Using Mobile to Create Healthy Behaviors
Rick Ton at Walgreens talks about how mobile helps them own "Happy & Healthy"
BRANDS+STARTUPS CHALLENGE: Round 3 - The Knockout Round at TechNexus
Join us for the Battle Round3 of Brands+Startups at TechNexus, 8/21. See what startup innovations brands like BCBS of Illinois and Best Buy are looking for.


The Heartland Mobile 2014 Calendar
The Year of Mobile for Chicago, Illinois!

If you didn’t know, we’ve partnered with some great companies in the short five years we’ve been around.

In 2014, we have even more planned for you. Including Mobile University Week with keynotes from Western Union and Guess!, the Brands+Startups Accelerator with three brand partners, a world-class Mobile Marketing Certification program with Northwestern University. And much, much more. Please email hugh@heartlandmobilecouncil.com to inquire about 2014 speaking, partnering, sponsoring, attending and/or volunteering for any of the events below. When information is available for an event, you can click to learn more. Ticketed events are bolded, meetings are not.

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Event/Topic Date HMC Division(s) Event Type
HMC Open Strategy Session Jan 14 HMC Meeting
Brands+Startups Applications Accepted Jan 20 Br+St14 Application
HMC Open Strategy Session Feb 13 HMC Meeting

HMC Open Strategy Session Mar 11 HMC Meeting
HMC Mobile Marketing Certification – Day 1 Apr 2 Higher Ed Certification
HMC Open Strategy Session Apr 8 HMC Meeting

HMC Mobile Marketing Certification – Day 2 Apr 12 Higher Ed/
HMC Action
HMC Mobile Marketing Certification – Day 3 Apr 26 Higher Ed/
HMC Action
HMC Open Strategy Session May 6 HMC Meeting

Brands+Startups: How to Pitch a Brand May 29 Br+St14 Free Event
Brands+Startups Applications Deadline May 31 Br+St14 Application
HMC Open Strategy Session Jun 10 HMC Meeting
Brands+Startups™ Blind Pitch Rnd1 Jun 26 Br+St14 Competition

HMC Open Strategy Session Jul 2 HMC Meeting
MobiU2014 Mixer Jul 10 MobiU2014 Mixer
Brands+Startups™ Battle Rnd2 Jul 24 Br+St14 Competition
HMC Open Strategy Session Aug 6 HMC Meeting

Brands+Startups™ Knockout Rnd3 Aug 21 Br+St14 Competition
HMC Open Strategy Session Sep 10 HMC Meeting
MobiU2014: Certification Workshop Sep 16 MobiU2014/
Higher Ed
Mobile Univ Week

MobiU2014: Summit Sep 17 MobiU2014/
HMC ExpHall
Mobile Univ Week
MobiU2014: CitySessions Sep 18 MobiU2014 Mobile Univ Week
Brands+Startups™ Finale Sep 18 Br+St14 Competition

MobiU2014: CitySessions Sep 19 MobiU2014 Mobile Univ Week
HMC Open Strategy Session Oct 1 HMC Meeting
The Mobile Experience Hall Oct 16 HMC ExpHall Chicago Ideas Week

HMC Open Strategy Session Nov 5 HMC Meeting
MobiU2014: New City TBA Nov 13 MobiU2014/
HMC ExpHall
HMC Holiday Party Dec 3 HMC Holiday Party

About the Heartland Mobile Council™

The Heartland Mobile Council™ (HMC) is a Chicago-based non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and educate brands on how to use mobile marketing effectively.  Mobile has become the most powerful channel to communicate with the consumer, yet there is so much information now that it’s hard to know what to listen to and who to trust.  The HMC provides a safe learning environment so that brands/agencies understand strengths and limitations, the full array of options and the best strategies needed to implement a mobile campaign that wins the hearts and minds of your consumers.

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We have organized to help educate marketers, agencies and managers learn how to use this new mass medium to grow their business and enrich their brands. We believe that Chicago, the heartland of America, is the best place to bring mobile technologies to the average consumer because we bring real education and real experiences to real people.

To learn more about the HMC and how join our council, please visit the About Us section.