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MobiU2011 Summit: Mobile Behaviors

September 22, 2011 9:00 am
September 23, 2011 3:00 pm
Spertus Institute - VenueSix10
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610 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, United States, 60610



Mobile University 2011 - A Mobile Experience

Mobile University 2011

September 22-23, 2011

Venue Six10 – at the Spertus Institute

Chicago, IL

Welcome to Mobile University 2011, an interactive two-day educational event that will teach businesses, brands and agencies how to successfully integrate mobile into their marketing strategies. And how to reach consumers and build stronger relationships through this exciting new channel. At the event, mobile marketing experts and practitioners will discuss best practices, building a strategic mobile foundation, harnessing evolving mobile technologies, using mobile for lead generation, brand loyalty, monetization, and key metrics for measuring success.

Hear from brand innovators at marquis companies such as: Forrester, Google, Yahoo!, Playboy, Discover, Staples, Crate & Barrel, Allstate, Nissan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sun Times, The Economist – CQ Roll Call, ONE.org, Cars.com, General Motors, Microsoft Office and others as they discuss innovation in the mobile sector and provide insights into the behaviors of the “new” mobile consumer.  Click on the “Speakers” or “Agenda” tab for more details. Over 300 brands, marketers, agency representatives and product managers spanning the B2B and B2C channels from North America are expected to attend MobiU2011.

See pictures from our successful inaugural event in 2010. Almost 250 people registered to learn about mobile marketing in the first well-rounded educational format.


Media fixates on certain mobile technologies like apps and QR codes, but there are many other options – many that will be more effective for your business. The HMC provides a complete mobile education in a “safe” zone to learn. As a non-profit, HMC’s motivation is to grow the industry through unbiased education. Attendees of #MobiU2011 will learn from the experts, but more importantly, from people who have already used mobile to build their businesses and brands.

Speaker and Experience updates are made every week.  Sign up on our email list and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIN or Facebook to hear announcements as they are made.

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Mobile University is the creation of the Heartland Mobile Council, a Chicago-based non-profit whose mission is to bridge the gap between marketers and the mobile industry. The confluence of consumer retailers, brands, researchers and agencies – combined with the presence of the “average consumer” – make Chicago, the Heartland of America, the best place to learn how to utilize mobile technologies to communicate with your customers.

Mobile University is made possible by the generosity of our Sponsors and support of our Partners:









Mobile University 2011 - A Mobile Experience

Mobile University 2011

September 22-23, 2011

Venue Six10 – at the Spertus Institute

Chicago, IL


see last year’s agenda here


8:00-9:00 Registration / Breakfast

9:00-9:15 Welcome Session

Hugh Jedwill, CEO, Mobile Anthem; Executive Director, Heartland Mobile Council.


CREAT101 Mobile Creativity:  State of Mobile – Part 1 Mobile Behaviors

Play Big.  Nancy Giordano, CEO, Brand Futurist & Anthropologist.

Mobile phones and devices seem to be everywhere and we spend more and more time interacting with them.  They are quickly erasing the interstitial moments that provided downtime for our brain.  What is the impact of such a pervasive technology?  According to Pew, 61% of people are ambivalent about the impact mobile has on their lives.  Learn how mobile technologies are creating changes in human behavior and the implications of this change – both positive and negative.


STRAT101 Mobile Strategy:  State of Mobile – Part 2 Industry Overview

Forrester.  Julie Ask, VP/Principle Analyst.

Mobile is everywhere.  Stats on the numbers and the size of the industry change constantly but it’s common knowledge that it will be big.  Now that 75% of brands have tried mobile what are the key stats that will help guide future decisions?  Julie’s state of the industry will provide insights into what’s currently happening in the mobile space and a five-year forecast.  She will also provide best practices in developing an outstanding, transactional mobile experience.  Her expertise in mobile commerce will give you insights into what to expect and how to prepare for the future of mobile.


TECH111 Mobile Technology:  State of Mobile – Part 3 Google’s Take

Google.  John Breen, Director of Mobile.

Google’s new mantra is Mobile First.  When all products are created – they consider how it plays in mobile even if it isn’t launching there first.  Google’s take on the State of Mobile comes from having products in nearly every corner of mobile marketing.  From search to maps to Android to Google Wallet, they bring their unique view of life in the digital age and provide examples of what’s happening and the potential in the future.

11:45-1:00 Lunch

Lunch is catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering.  During lunch visit the sponsors and the Experiences you missed earlier.  Networking is facilitated by name tags with 2D codes that download contact information directly to your phone.

1:00-1:45 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 1A (pick one)

CREAT111 Mobile Creativity:  Lifestyle Technologies & Charities

Wander around the Spertus Institute to see over a dozen different companies creating mobile experiences for the MobiU2011 attendees.  They include a mobile-controlled door lock from Lockitron, the Google Wallet, the “Cadillac Interactive Window” from Fusion92, a six-foot interactive touch phone from Yahoo!, three charities (Tees at Risk, Recycle To Eradicate Poverty, and the ONE Campaign), a Creative QR Gallery from Liberty Creative, a commissioned Mobile 101 Rap by the SEO Rapper and improv skits on mobile craziness by ComedySportz.  They are spread around the entire conference so please take time to visit that all and learn first-hand how mobile impacts us on an everyday basis.

STRAT111 Mobile Strategy:  Mobile Campaign Strategy

Nissan.  Scot Cottick, Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications.

Critical Mass.  Amanda Levy, SVP Group Director.

As a major brand, how should you form your mobile strategy?  Nissan and Critical Mass will provide an inside look at how they are building mobile into their overall marketing plan and illustrate their strategy through the mobile campaigns that are currently in market for the new Nissan Versa.

TECH121 Mobile Technologies:  2D Codes

Sun-Times Media.  Matthew Saleski, VP Marketing & Business Development.

You see them everywhere in the past few months. Those funny looking squares printed on signs, flyers, billboards and even the side of trucks. These QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, can be used like a computer macro to deliver a variety of information whether a video, website, contact info or even a phone call. Are QR Codes and their cousins, 2D codes, the new shiny object? What value can they provide to you as a marketer?  Learn about how to strategically use QR/2D codes and create real value with them for your brand.

2:00-2:45 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 1B (similar to 1pm sessions – pick one)

ANLT203 – Mobile Research:  Market Research by Mobile

General Motors.  Joyce Salisbury, Manager Global Research.

Gongos Research.  Greg Heist, VP Research Innovation & Technology

Is mobile the 5th market research methodology?  Armed with findings from a new study that validates the use of smartphone-enabled surveys in marketing research, General Motors and Gongos Research will demonstrate how mobile surveys and app-based technology immerse consumers more deeply into the research process than ever.

>  Learn key implications of smartphone vs. online survey data done in partnership with Best Buy

>  Understand the value of a mobile-online hybrid approach to marketing research

>  Hear why smartphone apps create a seamless online-mobile experience, allowing research to keep pace with advancing “lifestyle” technology


STRAT111 Mobile Strategy:  Mobile Campaign Strategy

Nissan. Scot Cottick, Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications.

Critical Mass. Amanda Levy, SVP Group Director.


TECH121 Mobile Technologies:  2D Codes

Sun-Times Media. Matthew Saleski, VP Marketing & Business Development.

3:00-3:45 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 2A (pick one)

STRAT121 Mobile Strategy:  Mobile Web

Microsoft (Office).   Barbara Williams, Mobile Marketing Global Practice Leader.

Ansible.  Angela Steele, CEO.

Learn how to effectively use the mobile internet and build a brand presence that will inform your consumer with critical information at the time and location that they need it.  Microsoft and Ansible will lay a solid groundwork for mobile web, then discuss the Microsoft Office launch case study.  You will learn:

>  Fundamentals of the mobile web

>  How marketing can support a mobile web initiative

>  Tips/guideline from Microsoft Office’s launch experience

>  View of the future from both Microsoft and Ansible

TECH101 Mobile Technologies:  SMS/Texting

Tribune Media Co.  Karen Budell, Consumer Marketing Manager.

Mass Marketers want to reach as many consumers as possible.  While apps may be sexy and QR codes are hot, SMS is the workhorse reaching nearly 100% of the marketable population.  Karen Budell will teach you how RedEye uses SMS to create engagement with their readers.  By deploying SMS for simple interactions like surveys and polls, to make events more engaging and to create ad promotions, the RedEye creates engagement that leads to interest, likeability and brand loyalty.


STRAT131 Mobile Strategy:  Mobile Legal Implications

Sedgwick, LLP.  Dave Almeida, Partner.

Dave and an HMC Leader will discuss the legal pitfalls that all brands should be aware of when running a mobile campaign. He will also cover the court precedents that are important to how mobile campaigns should be run to prevent legal action, particularly class action lawsuits. All brand owners should attend to ensure they are protecting their brands in the current wild wild west setting of mobile marketing and legal.

4:00-4:45 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 2B (similar to 3pm sessions – pick one)

CREAT121 Mobile Creativity:  Mobile & Social

Allstate.  Nathan Kraft, Marketing Manager – Consumer Engagement.

Mobile and Social are the two hottest marketing topics so how do they look together?  The leading brands are already trailblazing a path that leverages both of these strategies.  Nathan will reveal the power of mobile and social combined through the Allstate GoodRide app, part of a lifestyle outreach to avid motorcycle riders.


STRAT121 Mobile Strategy:  Mobile Web

Microsoft (Office). Barbara Williams, Mobile Marketing Global Practice Leader.

Ansible. Angela Steele, CEO.

TECH101 Mobile Technologies:  SMS/Texting

Tribune Media Co. Karen Budell, Consumer Marketing Manager.


STRAT201 Mobile Strategy:  The Windy City Social/HMC Social-Mobile panel

ONE.org. Jeff Davidoff, CMO.

Allstate.  Nathan Kraft, Marketing Manager – Consumer Engagement.

Walgreens. Zach West, Social Media Strategist.

Moderator:  Paul Cushman, Sr. Director, Mobile Sales Strategy.

How do you reach your customer anywhere digitally and physically? Windy City Social and The Heartland Mobile Council partner to present a panel of brand marketers who will discuss the potential in the intersection of social media and mobile.  With the rapid growth of these two hot industries, the marketing opportunities are just starting to develop.  What are retailers, consumer brands and other industries doing to innovate and capture the mobile/social consumer?  Learn from marketers who are experimenting…and succeeding in this specialized space.


CREAT131 Mobile Creativity:  Mobile Craziness by ComedySportz

ComedySportz, one of Chicago’s leading improvisation troupes, will help you understand how much mobile phones have impacted every day lives.  Through a special improv appearance, these comedians will create insights into how you might help (or unwittingly hurt) your consumer as he/she struggles through life.

6:20-6:30 Closing Day Remarks

Hugh Jedwill, CEO, Mobile Anthem; Executive Director, Heartland Mobile Council

6:30-9:00 Evening Networking/Cocktails

Featuring the debut of the Mobile 101 Rap by the SEO Rapper, other entertainment, cocktails, food and networking.  After the SEO Rapper, Red Bull will entertain the crowd with their iPad DJ.


7:30-8:25 Breakfast

8:25-8:30 Opening Remarks

Heartland Mobile Council leader.



CREAT201 Mobile Creativity:  Mobile & Life Panel

ONE.org.  Garth Moore, Deputy Director, New Media

The Economist – CQ Roll Call.  Aaron Balogun, Director of Innovation & Business Development

Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Patrick Feeney, Sr. Manager, eSolutions

A panel of commentators will discuss how mobile devices have created enormous benefits in the Arab Spring but have also created the potential for great harm as demonstrated by the recent London riots.  This distinguished panel will discuss issues of mobile’s role in freedom, riots, health and commercial applications.  Through this lens of higher order needs you will see the ways that mobile can add tangible value to your consumers.

9:15-10:00 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 3A (pick one)

ANLT101 Mobile Analytics:  Mobile Measurement

InsightExpress. Joy Liuzzo, Sr. Director of Mobile Research.

Many companies never make it past their first mobile campaign because they don’t have a metrics strategy.  Even when metrics are tracked how do they relate to mainstream metrics already in use?   Joy Liuzzo will provide an overview of mobile metrics – what can and can’t be measured  – and provide a strategy that will create solid reporting during and after mobile campaigns.  In addition, she will compare how mobile performs against other channels so you can optimize your marketing mix.

ANLT201 Mobile Analytics:  Mobile Modes Research

Yahoo!  Edwin Wong, Director Marketing Research

Yahoo! will present for the first time its Mobile Modes study which takes a closer look at mobile Internet usage in order to answer some important questions for marketers:

    • What types of content are mobile Internet users consuming on their phones?
    • Where and when are mobile users typically viewing this mobile content?

    • What are the key motivations that drive consumers to use the mobile Internet and how can marketers optimize their mobile advertising to improve effectiveness?

STRAT211 Mobile Strategy: Mobile Content

Playboy. Sam Jemielity, Director of Content – Digital

Content is King. Regardless of industry, content is the key to creating relevance with consumers. Whether Retail, CPG, Automotive, Healthcare or Insurance, brands all create and distribute content. How can mobile be used to open more communications? Sam Jemielity has managed content in a myriad of forms, from print to internet to mobile. His experiences will help you understand how to leverage mobile to extend the reach of your message and bring your brand’s content to your consumer anywhere, anytime.

10:15-11:00 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 3B (similar to 9:15 sessions – pick one)

ANLT101 Mobile Analytics:  Mobile Measurement

InsightExpress. Joy Liuzzo, Sr. Director of Mobile Research.


ANLT201 Mobile Analytics:  Mobile Modes Research

Yahoo! Edwin Wong, Director Marketing Research


STRAT211 Mobile Strategy:  Mobile Content

Playboy.  Sam Jemielity, Director of Content – Digital

11:15-12:00 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 4A (pick one)

ANLT211 – Mobile Research:  Mobile Shopper Marketing

Arc Worldwide.  Nick Fotis, Manager Digital Strategy – Mobile.

Before long, all shoppers will be mobile shoppers. The answers about how to win with mobile shoppers are not about technology. It’s not about mobile sites versus apps, iPhone versus Android or even retailers versus manufacturers. The answers are found by looking through the eyes of the mobile shopper.  This study is intended to introduce you to these people – who they are and how they use their mobile phones to help them shop.

STRAT221 Mobile Strategy:  Location Behavior Insights

Placecast.  Alistair Goodman, President.

The holy grail of marketing is to reach your consumer anywhere anytime.  Now that we can achieve this, how do people react to location-based messages on their phones?  Based on research across numerous campaigns with national brand, you will learn more about another hot topic in mobile marketing.


TECH201 Mobile Technologies:  Mobile Payments & Implications

Discover.  Troy Bernard, Global Head of Chip Payment Technologies

Mobile payment sales in the U.S. are expected to increase at a 68% compounded annualized growth rate over the next five years.  Retailers, banks, credit card issuers, carriers all are working to make payment as simple as tapping your phone.  Troy Bernard will put this movement into perspective and help you see the future through the eyes of one of the leading mobile payment systems.  Discover is a key partner in the ISIS system which is a collaboration of AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

12:00-1:00 LUNCH

1:00-1:45 BREAK OUT SESSION ROUND 4B (similar to 11am session – pick one)

ANLT211 – Mobile Research:  Mobile Shopper Marketing

Arc Worldwide. Nick Fotis, Manager Digital Strategy – Mobile.


STRAT225 Mobile Strategy:  Creating Mobile Conversations

Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Patrick Feeney, Sr. Manager, eSolutions.

BCBS is using mobile to more deeply engage their customers on very personal concerns on health.  Listen to Patrick describe how they’re using these personal mobile devices to create very personal conversations.  This deeper level of engagement will help all brands understand the potential mobile has to connect to your consumers on an individual level.


TECH201 Mobile Technologies:  Mobile Payments & Implications

Discover. Troy Bernard, Global Head of Chip Payment Technologies


STRAT231 Mobile Strategy:  Mobile Commerce

Crate & Barrel.  John Seebeck, VP eCommerce.

OfficeMax. Chris Duncan, VP Direct and Loyalty Marketing.

Discover. Troy Bernard, Global Head of Chip Payment Technologies.

Cars.com, Sharon Knitter, Sr. Director of Mobile.

Moderator: Chicago Tribune.  Melissa Harris, Business Columnist.


Melissa Harris moderates a panel of marketers from across the mobile ecosphere to discuss the implications of mobile commerce.  The closing panel will feature senior leaders from Crate & Barrel, OfficeMax, Discover and Cars.com who will share thoughts on the what the future of mobile commerce might look like and what they’re doing to prepare for it.  Don’t miss this closing keynote discussion!


Hugh Jedwill, CEO, Mobile Anthem; Executive Director, Heartland Mobile Council


Mobile University 2011 - A Mobile Experience

Mobile University 2011

September 22-23, 2011

Venue Six10 – at the Spertus Institute

Chicago, IL

SPEAKERS – MobiU2011

Allstate. Nathan Kraft, Marketing Manager – Consumer Engagement.

Nathan Kraft is a senior marketing manager at Northbrook-based Allstate, the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Working within the company’s digital consumer engagement team, he is responsible for the strategy and implementation of consumer-facing mobile initiatives that drive acquisition and increase retention, satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition to flagship mobile properties such as m.allstate.com and the AllstateSM Mobile application, Kraft oversees a growing portfolio of branded applications and SMS programs and manages mobile integration with existing Allstate marketing programs. Prior to joining Allstate, Kraft was the social and emerging media marketing manager at Cars.com and held agency- and client-side consumer marketing positions with Edelman, Nationwide Insurance and Northlich advertising. Kraft earned an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University and a B.A. in Communication from The Ohio State University.

Ansible. Angela Steele, CEO.

As the CEO of Ansible, Angela is charged with evolving Ansible’s full service mobile agency capabilities in the areas of strategy, analytics, creative, technology and media. Her well rounded background includes broad global account management married with mobile specific leadership that enables her to build Ansible for the future of marketer needs as mobile becomes consumers’ lead device.

Angela joins Ansible from Publicis Groupe’s SMG where she most recently served as the agency’s Global Account Director on the P&G business. She embarked upon mobile in 2006 and started Starcom’s mobile practice which eventually led to a broader Publicis role with Phonevalley. Throughout that time she helped build mobile capabilities for clients such as P&G, RIM, GM, Sara Lee, Nintendo, ESPN, United Airlines, Allstate, Walmart, and Hallmark. Angela’s industry leading drive for results oriented innovation is marked by several prestigious awards including an Internationalist Agency Innovator Award in 2010 and a Grand Effie Award for her work leading the Nintendo Wii launch in 2006.

Prior to joining the advertising industry, Angela spent several years in economic development consulting. She earned her Bachelor’s of Business Administration in advertising and marketing from Northwood University and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Michigan

Arc Worldwide. Nick Fotis, Manager – Digital Strategy.

Nick Fotis serves as Digital Strategy Manager at Arc Worldwide, the marketing services arm of Leo Burnett. Working across Arc and Leo accounts, Nick helps brands understand how their audience engages with mobile devices, how to leverage mobile to reach business goals, and how to develop winning mobile products. Arc’s clients include Purina, P & G, Whirlpool, Allstate, Sealy and DeVry University.

Prior to Arc, Nick managed mobile products at Cars.com, including several redesigns of the mobile website and a highly successful iPhone application. In addition to managing mobile, Nick led the launch of Cars.com’s consumer finance channel. Nick has spoken at local and national mobile events, including Mobile Monday, Web 2.0 Expo, Mobile Marketer mCommerce Summit, and has been quoted in Mobile Marketer and Chuck Martin’s The Third Screen. He earned his MBA from DePaul University and is a proud graduate of Penn State.

Blue Cross Blue Shield. Patrick Feeney
. Sr. Manager, Mobile and Emerging Technology Strategies

Patrick is a Sr. Manager, Mobile and Emerging Technologies at Blue Cross Blue Shield. As part of his responsibilities, he manages projects and initiatives that support mobile marketing programs, which include mobile device applications, mobile websites, SMS and other emerging mobile capabilities. His also analyzes market intelligence and business results along with emerging trends in consumer, technology and competitive landscape.

Previous to BCBS, Patrick worked at Healthcare Service Corporation in e-business and at Accenture as a consultant. He has his BA from University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign and his MBA from DePaul University.

Cars.com. Sharon Knitter, Sr. Director of Mobile.

Sharon Knitter joined the Cars.com team in 2006 and is now the site’s Senior Director of Mobile Strategy. In this role, Knitter works to enhance Cars.com’s mobile site and mobile apps to better serve car shoppers on the go. She also assists with the development of advertising products for manufacturers and dealers to help them reach this growing segment. Knitter will continue to monitor the growing mobile space to help Cars.com identify opportunities for growth on multi-media platforms and lead the third-party mobile automotive space.

Before her role as Senior Director of Mobile Strategy, Knitter served as the Senior Director of Consumer Products at Cars.com. In this position, she implemented the strategic management and development of the site’s consumer automotive buying and selling channels on the web. She also led the site’s mobile initiative and successfully made Cars.com the first third-party automotive site with an optimized mobile presence. Prior to Cars.com, Knitter worked at the Tribune Co., where she began in 1987 as a research manager and later worked as both the manager of advertising development and director of recruitment strategy.

Chicago Tribune. Melissa Harris, Business Columnist.

Melissa Harris is a business columnist at The Chicago Tribune. Her twice-weekly column, Chicago Confidential, chronicles the city’s business elite. Prior to the Tribune, she covered criminal justice for The Baltimore Sun and local politics for The Orlando Sentinel. A graduate of Northwestern and Johns Hopkins universities, she landed her first “job” at age 15, covering prep sports for the Mason (Ohio) Pulse-Journal.

Crate & Barrel. John Seebeck, VP eCommerce.

John Seebeck is the Vice President eCommerce for Crate and Barrel, a leading national retailer of fashion-oriented home furnishings. John’s responsibilities include maximizing company sales growth and profitability through the development and management of the eCommerce division. He also oversees the definition and execution of merchandising, design, development and user experience aspects of emerging technologies and changes to company websites.

Prior to his ten years at Crate and Barrel, John was with Circuit City for six years as a sales, store, and eventually district manager and subsequently spent 16 month running his own Web design and development firm. John has an undergraduate Degree in Economics and English from the University of Richmond and a Graduate Degree in Business Administration from the University of Virginia.

Critical Mass. Amanda Levy
, SVP Group Director.

Amanda Levy is Senior Vice President, Group Director, managing the Critical Mass Nashville office and our Nissan North America relationship. Prior to this role, she was the Director of Integration on the Dell account working across Critical Mass offices, agency partners and client groups to drive tighter coordination and improved communication throughout the teams. She also led numerous new business opportunities with key wins including: Nissan, Infiniti, Clorox, Harley-Davidson, Budweiser, and Tyco Electronics.

Prior to joining Critical Mass, Amanda served as the West Coast Director for OMD Digital where she managed the Los Angeles and San Francisco offices. Some of her key clients included: Nissan, Infiniti, Apple, Sony PlayStation, Hilton and Clorox. Amanda truly understands clients’ needs since she worked on the client side for over five years at Dell Computer. During her time at Dell, she managed Dell Consumer’s online demand generation vehicles, was responsible for the site strategy and performance, and led global browse and application layer projects cross-functionally. Amanda has an MBA in eCommerce and a BA in Economics, both from Vanderbilt University.

Discover. Troy Bernard, Director-Head of Global Chip Technology.

Troy Bernard, Director–Head of Global Chip Technology, Discover®. Troy is a 12-year veteran of Discover, and for the past 5 years, has worked in Chip Technology for Discover Network, the company’s payment services division. He has responsibility for chip payment products and strategy which includes the Discover Zip® (U.S. contactless) and D-PAS (EMV) products.

Troy is one of the founding team members that created and launched the Zip contactless payment application. During his tenure, Zip acceptance has grown to over 125,000 U.S. merchant locations, an NFC mobile pilot in partnership with Motorola was completed, and most recently, he helped Discover Card launch its Zip mobile sticker and Zip credit card in November 2010. Troy has served on the Smart Card Alliance’s Payments Steering Committee for the past three years and was elected Vice Chair of the Payments Council for 2011.

The Economist – CQ Roll Call. Aaron Balogun
, Director Innovation & Business Development.

Working as the Director of Innovation and Business Development for CQ Roll Call (an Economist Group Business,) Aaron Balogun is responsible for finding innovative ways to leverage the growing speed and power of technology to deliver groundbreaking solutions to his customers.

Aaron recently led the effort to develop a mobile strategy for the Capwiz Grassroots Advocacy tool in use by about 2,000 organisations in the United States. He is also the founder of Qbit, a software development and cyber-security company headquartered in Washington, DC – with other locations in London and Nigeria.

Forrester. Julie Ask, VP Marketing & Business Development.

Julie serves eBusiness and Channel Strategy Professionals. More specifically, her research covers telecommunications and consumer mobility. She has an end-to-end understanding of consumer wireless, encompassing consumer behavior, devices, networks, carrier strategy, content, applications, and mobile as a channel. As wireless broadband becomes ubiquitous, Julie is spending an increasing amount of time advising clients outside of the telecommunications industry on their opportunities to deliver products and services to consumers on mobile devices. Julie’s research and analysis have been widely cited in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, BusinessWeek, RCR Wireless, and The Onion and on CBS, NBC, and PBS.

Julie joined Forrester in July 2008, bringing seven years of extensive analyst experience from JupiterResearch. Julie’s experience in the telecommunications industry dates back 20 years to her first internship as a microwave circuit engineering intern at COMSAT Laboratories. Prior to joining JupiterResearch, Julie worked as a management consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton. She also worked in business development for a wireless startup in San Francisco. Julie holds a B.S.E.E. and a Master of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She also holds an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan.

General Motors. Joyce Salisbury, Senior Manager, Global Market Research – New Methods.

Dedicating her 22-year career to General Motors, Joyce oversees efforts to identify and test new methods and technologies that enhance GM’s understanding of the global automotive consumer. Marketing models using real-world advisor data, online communities, and internal research panels are just a few of those research-driven innovations. In addition, she serves as a liaison to many university projects where initiatives include crowd sourcing and app development.

With a master’s in Engineering Management; and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University, Joyce has worked in manufacturing, engineering, quality, e-commerce and corporate strategy before finding a home that put all of her diverse experiences to work in market research.

Gongos Research. Greg Heist , VP Research Innovation & Technology.

Greg is responsible for guiding the innovation strategy at Gongos Research, leading a team of seven researchers and developers, as well as the company’s “Innovation Think Tank.” From technology-driven concepts to methodological enhancements, Greg and his team ensure that innovation supports a primary role – to make research more meaningful and powerful for corporations, while better fitting consumers’ lives. Twitter handle: @goinnovateblog

A practitioner with over 20 years of research under his belt, Greg is a visionary at heart. He believes we are in the midst of a revolution in the way we conduct research, and he plans to help pave the way. In his downtime, he can be found sharing thoughts on his “goInnovate” blog.

Google. John Breen, Director of Mobile.

John oversees US Emerging Vertical Sales for Mobile Search Ads. He joined Google in January 2006 as Head of Audio Ads. Before coming to Google, John was the Director of Sales at dMarc Broadcasting. Over the past 5 years John has worked on early stage Google products such as streaming audio and mobile. He is currently building a team focused on mobile search innovation which is designed to jump-start mobile sales efforts with F1000 advertisers.

John graduated from Michigan State University and today lives in Wilmette with his awesome wife, Lisa, and their two kids, Eloise and Buster.

InsightExpress. Joy Liuzzo, Sr. Director of Mobile Research

Joy Liuzzo is Senior Director of Marketing & Mobile Research at InsightExpress, a leading provider of high-quality, digital marketing research and advertising effectiveness solutions. She is responsible for the strategic development and management of mobile ad measurement and custom mobile research efforts across the organization. Liuzzo works closely with Product Development on the creation of all mobile research solutions, and oversees the company’s mobile position and all mobile external partnerships and affiliations. She is also responsible for the company’s digital media measurement marketing initiatives. Liuzzo has extensive strategy and research experience in new media and telecommunications.

She joined InsightExpress from AOL where she held a high level role that involved mobile marketing and product development and worked closely with clients at every phase of the research process. Liuzzo holds a B.A. from Hollins College and an M.S. from Old Dominion University.

Microsoft Office. Barbara Williams, Mobile Marketing Global Practice Leader

Barbara Williams is Microsoft’s Mobile Marketing Global Practice Lead and part of Worldwide Marketing Excellence team. Her role is to help build mobile-marketing capability for the company’s thousands of marketers spread across 51 countries who work across diverse brands targeting both consumer and business audiences. She transitioned from the Global Marcom team where she spearheaded mobile advertising efforts to engage tech audiences, as well as served as a mobile SME for the team and led development and execution of global advertising campaigns which garnered press coverage from the industry and set best practices that the company still frequently draws upon.

Barbara’s experience prior to joining Microsoft includes brand management with Johnson & Johnson, Unilever Bestfoods, and agency account management for blue-chip clients including Amtrak, Wachovia, and the US Fund for Unicef. Barbara holds a B.A. in Mass Media Arts and a M.B.A. in Marketing. She was recently selected as an Internationalist 100 and featured by Mobile Marketer as one of the 25 Mobile Marketing Women to Watch in 2011.

Nissan. Scot Cottick
, Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing

Scot has been working on digital initiatives for Nissan Motor Company for the past five years. He currently leads the charge on nissanusa.com and mobile. He was a pivotal team member of the Nissan LEAF online launch in 2010. He’s extremely focused on increasing the performance of KPIs while elevating the Nissan brand. Previously he was an Infiniti Marketing Manager with responsibilities overseeing the website and creative for digital paid media.

He has also worked on the agency side, as an Engagement Lead with Organic and a wide variety of Account Services roles with BBDO. Throughout his career, he has been devoted to marketing excellence for automotive brands as can be witnessed through numerous awards and accolades. Scot received his BA in Advertising from Michigan State University.

OfficeMax. Chris Duncan
, VP Direct and Loyalty Marketing.

Chris Duncan is the Vice President of Direct and Loyalty Marketing leading OfficeMax’s company-wide efforts in marketing to their customers. His teams are responsible for managing company loyalty programs, customer retention, database marketing, and all other direct-to-customer communications, including mobile marketing. Chris has spent more than 12 years with OfficeMax and filled many different management roles in the company including Marketing & Advertising, E-Commerce, Business Development, and Strategic Planning.

Chris is a native of Cleveland, OH and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Case Western Reserve University.

ONE.org. Jeffrey Davidoff, Chief Marketing Office

Jeff is the Chief Marketing Officer of ONE. In this role he leads the group’s global branding & marketing efforts. Davidoff comes to ONE with more than 20 years of marketing & communications experience on both the client and agency sides of the business. Most recently he served as Chief Marketing Officer for Orbitz Worldwide, leading marketing for Orbitz.com and Cheaptickets.com.

Prior to that, Davidoff spent six years as Vice President of Brand Marketing & Communications at Whirlpool Corporation responsible for Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air brands. Before that he was a founding member of Upshot, an integrated marketing agency with a blue chip client roster including Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, SONY, and Mirage Resorts. He received his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and his Bachelors of Arts from Dartmouth College.

ONE.org. Garth Moore, Deputy Director of US New Media

Garth Moore is Deputy Director of US New Media for the ONE Campaign, the global grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease. ONE has more than 2.5 million global members and is rated among the top nonprofits on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube..

Before joining ONE, Garth worked as the Internet Director at 1Sky, a climate advocacy campaign and as an online fundraising and social media consultant with Changing Our World. He began his nonprofit career as Online Communications Director for the ASPCA in New York before becoming a freelance consultant with Charity Dynamics and the ACLU. Garth has held advisory board positions with Convio and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. He recently completed his MA in Communication from the Johns Hopkins University.

Placecast. Alistair Goodman, CEO

Alistair Goodman has over 20 years of experience working in sales, marketing and product development efforts for media and technology companies. At Placecast, he leads an award-winning team that has created ShopAlerts – the most scalable, proven, location-based marketing system currently available which powers the AT&T and O2 location-based marketing programs.

Previously, Alistair was Vice President of Strategic

Marketing at Exponential Interactive, an online media services company. Prior to joining Exponential, he was a founder and Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Impli, a San Francisco-based digital media company which was acquired by PRN. Earlier in his career, he worked first on Wall Street and then as a management consultant for both CSC Index and Corven UK Ltd. Alistair holds a BA from Haverford College, an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management and was a Henry Luce scholar in Asia from 1993-94. He is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post as well as a frequent speaker at digital media conferences.

Play Big. Nancy Giordano, CEO, Brand Futurist.

Nancy is the CEO of Play Big, Inc, a brand futurist company inspired to help clients see what the future needs from them and have the courage to chase it. They inspire their clients and better leverage the powerful possibilities that exist at the intersection of consumer/business trends and authentic brand stories.

Nancy is frequent presenter, including at TED, with an especially strong interest in health, nutrition, travel and the conscious economy. She is a strong advocate for values-centric branding—and building brands with purpose. She brings over 20 years of strategic and executive leadership experience at leading advertising agencies in NYC, Chicago and LA and has managed the brand positioning and communications efforts for a wide range of national brands including Safeway grocery, Del Monte foods, Best Western, Tourism Australia, the Tournament of Roses, parts of Burger King’s business and the even the City of West Hollywood.

Playboy. Sam Jemielity, Director of Content – Digital.

Sam is Director of Content for Playboy’s Print/Digital group where he develops content strategy focused on brand building and generating subscription and advertising revenue. He also leads the creative team of producers, writers, designers, photographers and videographers in executing content strategy across multiple digital platforms. He oversees all creative for Playboy.com’s marketing and ad sales businesses, supervising digital campaigns to support Playboy’s subscription businesses as well as top entertainment and lifestyle brands such as Budweiser, Electronic Arts, Sony, Fox and Axe.

Sam has previous stints in print and digital media at Playboy.com, People magazine and AOL.com. He has a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Chicago and a Masters of Arts from Rutgers.

Sedgwick, LLP. David Almeida, Partner.

David S. Almeida focuses his practice in the defense of consumer fraud claims, with particular emphasis on defending marketing, retail and other companies against lawsuits challenging their direct marketing practices. Mr. Almeida also counsels clients on best practices for direct, digital and mobile marketing, including advising on permission-based marketing, emerging technologies, the use of various social media platforms, as well as data security and privacy issues related to electronic and mobile commerce.

In addition to his marketing practice, Mr. Almeida represents financial institutions, retailers and other companies in consumer class actions brought under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, the Truth in Lending Act, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, as well as various state consumer fraud and unfair business practices statutes. David has a Bachelors of Art from Salisbury University and a Juris Doctorate from Cornell Law School.

Sun-Times Media. Matthew Saleski, SVP Marketing & Business Development.

Matthew A. Saleski is currently SVP Marketing & Business Development at Sun-Times Media. He started at Sun-Times Media as VP of Marketing in January 2010. He has an extensive background in online, media and corporate marketing. Prior to joining Sun-Times Media, he was Strategic Account Director for Yahoo! Inc., where he was responsible for major corporate clients including Kraft Foods, Mars/Wrigley and PepsiCo. Formerly, he had been National Sales Manager-Yahoo! Display/Search. Prior to joining Yahoo! in 2007, he worked for Getty Images as Group Sales Director-Premium Accounts and Research.

Mr. Saleski also spent five years with the Tribune Company and prior to that worked for Kraft Foods and Ford Motor Co. Mr. Saleski has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan-College of Engineering.

Tribune Media Co. Karen Budell, Consumer Marketing Manager.

Karen is the Consumer Marketing Manager for the Chicago Tribune Media Group where she provides strategic direction and actionable recommendations for product managers based on analysis of consumer insights. She also manages creative direction and messaging for consumer marketing campaigns and product launches. Karen develops and maintains external strategic partnerships to increase brand awareness and user engagement.

Previously, Karen was Digital Consumer Strategy Manager at the Tribue and held various editorial positions for Metromix. She has a Bachelors of Arts from Washington University, a Journalism Diploma from the London School of Journalism and an Masters in Business Administration from Loyola’s Graduate School of Business.

Walgreens. Zach West, Social Media Strategist.

Zach West is a Social Media Strategist at Deerfield-based Walgreens. Working within the company’s digital marketing team, he is responsible for social media strategy and planning as well as integrating social media into Walgreens’ many consumer-facing initiatives.

Prior to his current role, West joined Walgreens as an Email Programs Analyst and most recently worked with the Promotional Planning team managing Walgreens Photo’s online marketing. West has a B.S. in Economics from Purdue University.

Yahoo! Edwin Wong, Director of Market Research.

Edwin Wong is Director, B2B Strategic Research & Insights at Yahoo! Inc. In this role he leads research efforts to identify key trends in consumer behavior and help advertisers and marketers capitalize on these trends to effectively connect with their core audiences. His key studies have included Advertising by Mindset, Yahoo!’s Connectonomics, a co-authored study with Forrester Research, “Watching the Web: How Online Video Engages Audiences,” Yahoo!’s Life Series, a partnership work with the Consumer Electronics Association, Engaging Brand Advocates through Search & Social Media, The Rise of Citizen 2.0 – Radically Rethinking Democracy in the Digital Age, and Passionistas.

Edwin has been published in the Journal of Social Psychology and was a 2010 finalist for the ARF’s Great Mind Award. Wong received his Bachelors of Arts from Pomona College.

Yahoo! Paul Cushman, Sr. Director, Mobile Sales Strategy.

Paul Cushman is the Sr. Director of Mobile Sales Strategy at Yahoo! and is responsible for the monetization strategy for all of Yahoo’s mobile advertising solutions such as oneSearch, m.yahoo.com and Yahoo! GO. He brings over 17 years of mobile and advertising experience to the company, most recently as Vice President of Business Development, Mobio Networks. Prior to Mobio he was the VP of US Consumer Products for Neven Vision, a pioneer in the field of mobile visual search. And before that, Paul was VP of Mobile Marketing at m-Qube for 4 years.

Before coming to the US, Paul worked for McCann-Erickson Worldwide for over 10 years in Hong Kong, Saigon and Jakarta planning campaigns for American Express, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Gillette, Nestle, Unilever and other large clients. Paul has a BA in Strategic Marketing from the University of Hertfordshire, England. He lives in Woodside, California with his wife Liz and their 2 children.


Mobile University 2011 - A Mobile Experience

Mobile University 2011

September 22-23, 2011

Venue Six10 – at the Spertus Institute

Chicago, IL


Please contact Jerry Rosenquist at jerry@heartlandmobilecouncil.com for more information.

Buy Something with Google Wallet Hear the First Performance of the Mobile 101 Rap
Buy Something with Google Wallet Hear the 1st Performance of the Mobile 101 Rap
Play with the Cadillac Interactive Window by Fusion92 See The ONE.org Flash Mob
Play with the Cadillac Interactive Window See The ONE.org Flash Mob

Mobile Key.  Lockitron will demo their home locks that let you replace your keys with your phone

Mobile Wallet.  Google will demos their Google Wallet and show how your mobile phone can replace your wallet

Mobile Dessert.  Velti will create a mobile experience at lunch where you order the dessert you want by scanning a 2D code with your phone.

Mobile Non-profit.  The ONE Campaign will use the power of their volunteer base to help create a cool mobile experience.  Tees at Risk will show their T-shirts designed by teens at risk.  You can scan their QR codes to learn more about the teen and the t-shirt design.  Also bring your old mobile phones so they can be recycled.  Proceeds go to the Grameen Foundation, a Nobel Prize winning concept that micro-finances women entrepreneurs in Third World countries.

Mobile Rap.  Learn Mobile 101 by listening to a performance by the SEO Rapper.

QR Creative Gallery.  They bring squareness and order every place they show up, but there are ways to be creative.  Liberty Creative will give examples of how this can be done will be part of this Experience.

Interactive Car Window.  The backseat window of your car be used to capture, zoom and edit the life that passes by.  Fusion92 will demo this interesting interaction with an actual car door.

ONE Campaign.  Will use it’s volunteer force to demonstrate a new mobile Experience.

Mobile Comedy.  ComedySportz, a leading improv group in Chicago, uses humor and interaction with the audience to demonstrate how crazy life with mobile phones has become.

Speaker and Experience updates are made every week.  Sign up on our email list and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIN or Facebook to hear announcements as they are made.

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Mobile University 2011 - A Mobile Experience

Mobile University 2011

September 22-23, 2011

Venue Six10 – at the Spertus Institute

Chicago, IL


Learning is a function of many things including the space that surrounds you.  The Spertus Institute has won architectural awards in a city that is home to modern urban architecture.  The glass and light create a physically open space conducive to absorbing new ideas and learning new concepts.

VenueSix10 at The Spertus Institute

610 South Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60605


Mobile University 2011 - A Mobile Experience

Mobile University 2011

September 22-23, 2011

Venue Six10 – at the Spertus Institute

Chicago, IL


Really you are our Partners.  Our Partnership Team crafts each sponsorship to highlight your company’s strengths and capabilities.  Do you want to talk to brands, marketers, agencies?  We will help you in ways that no other conference can.  No budget for sponsorship?  Try our Scholarship program and help a client become savvier in mobile.  Contact Goren Dillard at goren@heartlandmobilecouncil.com for more information and download our sponsorship summary: HMC MobiU2011 Partnership Summary (973)


Mobile University 2011 - A Mobile Experience

Mobile University 2011

September 22-23, 2011

Venue Six10 – at the Spertus Institute

Chicago, IL


Registration is based on the role of your job.  For Marketers, Agencies, Consultants and those who work directly on brands pricing is in the first column.  Those who work at mobile companies, recruiters and others who are selling services are shown in the second column.

The Mobile University is open to all but we recognize that some roles will impact the growth of the industry more than others.  As our mission is to educate brands on how to use mobile, we subsidize those who work directly on brands and their brand stewards.

Enroll during our “Early Decision”  – pricing increases after September 7, 2011, so enroll early!