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The Mobile University Difference: Brands, Experience, Safe

August 16, 2012

In just a month and a half, marketers from around the country will convene in Chicago to learn about mobile marketing. Those attending know a secret that you probably don’t. Not all mobile conferences are the same. Today, there are many places to learn about this hot marketing topic – it seems every marketing conference covers it now. But those attending the Mobile University Summit on September 24th will have an experience different from any other event.

The MobiU2012 Difference:
1. More brand speakers than the other mobile conferences in the Midwest. Combined.
2. The only  hands-on mobile exhibits that relate to your consumers. No exhibitor fee.
3. The safest place to learn mobile. We are a 501c(6), 100% volunteers.

1. More brand speakers than any mobile conference in the Midwest.

Some of the brands speaking at MobiU2012

The last two major mobile conferences in Chicago had five (5) brand speakers total out of 24. We have twelve (12). Let’s be honest, if an agency or a mobile technology company is presenting, it’s hard to believe 100% of what they say. But our brand speakers have nothing to sell. Wait, they might want to sell you a flat screen, health insurance, cars, a resort vacation, encyclopedias, diapers, beer, a flight, or prescriptions drugs. But they’re not selling you mobile so you can believe them if they say something works. And they will also say what you won’t hear anywhere else. What didn’t work. We bring you more brands speakers than any conference within a 750 mile radius.

2. The only hands-on mobile exhibits that relate to your consumers.

MobiU2011 Experience Hall

Trying to learn mobile marketing in a single day is a bit like drinking from a firehose. That’s why we provide “out-of-classroom” learning. Hands-on exhibits and demos create the neural pathways to cement the book-learning and create a stronger base for more. You will hear a lecture about Walgreens latest mobile marketing initiatives, but you will also experience it first-hand. Demos will show you the ways that mobile campaigns engage us and see how it has increasingly become an integral part of our everyday lives. Nobody else provide the MobiU Experience Hall.

3. The safest place to learn mobile.

Mobile University is a safe learning environment

Most mobile conferences have to prioritize making money. As a non-profit, we don’t. That means we can bring the speakers that you need to hear from, not just the ones in the press. That means we only invite the exhibitors that have something truly noteworthy, not the ones that paid their exhibitor fee. That means that we are truly passionate about mobile and strongly believe that a safe, no-pitch learning environment is key to the best mobile education. We are a 501c(6), 100% volunteer and 110% passionate about mobile.

That’s the Mobile University difference and we invite you to experience it!  See you Monday, September 24th, at the Microsoft Innovation Center.

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